11 March 2015



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01 December 2010

wordless wednesday: pink elephant car wash sign

Wordless Wednesday:
Pink Elephant Car Wash Sign

Image Credit: Joe Mabel

10 November 2010

Women's Health + Food: Dark Chocolate Honey Yogurt Dessert

We have to admit - women love desserts - but women also love to take care of their health. How then can we have a healthy dessert? - By combining three amazing health foods - dark chocolate, honey, and yogurt :) Dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants. Honey is said to be the "good sweet" with some anti-aging properties. And Yogurt - it's the best source of pro-biotics.

I love dark chocolate!
Image credit: HealthyTips101

* Mix a cup of fruit-flavored yogurt, preferably strawberry, with some honey then add chopped dark chocolates :) (Much better if you also add real fruits!)
* If you don't like the taste of yogurt, lighten it by melting 3 parts dark chocolate, then adding 1 part plain yogurt and some honey. Pour onto candy bar molds then refrigerate :)

03 November 2010

wordless wednesday: pink hot air balloon

pink hot air balloon
Photo credit: RanZag

little pink splotches...

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